LISA POPE Teacher’s Biography Lisa Pope moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2011. She was suffering from debilitating and painful autoimmune disease, and was over 100 lbs.  After attending a Zumba class, she was hooked! She started her road to recovery, wellness and weight loss, and became a Zumba instructor in 2015. Since then Lisa has earned her AFAA, Yoga, Pop-Pilates and other fitness certifications and is passionate about health,  fitness and overall wellness! Lisa’s passion shines in every class

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JULES Teacher’s Biography Jules is a lifelong dancer-turned-Yogi who specializes in dance-like, Vinyasa style flows. Within Yoga, Jules found she was able to fill the gaps in a full mind-body-soul connection that she wasn’t able to connect to during dance. Given yoga is not performative by nature, she believes it allows individuals to connect much more to feeling and nurturing their bodies and fosters a deepened sense of self-awareness along the way. CLASS DESCRIPTION VINYASA FLOW Jules teaches her signature

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APRIL HESTER Teacher’s Biography April Hester is originally from Oahu, Hawaii and loves sharing her beautiful island culture with the rest of the world. April is a dancer, fitness instructor and performer. She is also the Founder of SourceWorks which offers spiritually guided energy healing and enhancing services through Reiki, Feng Shui, Astrology, and Tarot. You can find more information about April’s healing work at the studio. Contact us to make an appointment today! CLASS DESCRIPTION TAHITIAN & POLYNISIAN DANCE

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