Meghana Apte

Teacher’s Biography

Meghana Apte is a passionate dancer, inspiring instructor, and fitness enthusiast. Meghana brings boundless energy and creativity to every step of her class.

Over the years, she explored various Indian dance styles, including Bollywood contemporary, Freestyle, Indian Folk from different parts of India, Indian semi-classical-Kathak, and basic salsa, adding a unique flair to her repertoire.
Meghana embarked on a goal to blend her love for dance with her passion for fitness. Through Zumba training in her early days and Ace Fitness certification, she is a certified GFI, mastering the art of crafting exhilarating and effective workouts that integrate dance movements, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training.

Beyond the studio, Meghana is a source of inspiration and empowerment for her community. Through her social media platforms-Nishaya Dance, workshops, and participation for almost 10 years now in Indian cultural events, mainly the Kerala Association Dance Festivals and Hindu Temple of Colorado, she shares her love for dance and fitness, encouraging others to lead active, healthy lifestyles and pursue their passions with zeal and determination.

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