!!!SINGLE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN THE DANCE COMMUNITY!!! Trust, we know it can get lonely being in a sea of dancer couples.It seems like everyone’s either boo’ed up or at least talking to someone – while you’re as single as a pringle.

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But no worries, your single dancer problems ain’t no thang when you are on a dance team.Here are 15 #SDP and 15 ways your dance team is the solution to those problems.

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1. Why Your Dance Team Is The Perfect Significant Other?

Team Solution: You don’t need your boo to text you “gnight” or “morning beautiful.”

Use that team roster and blow up the phones of any of the 30+ people on your team.

One of them is bound to text you back and call you beautiful. Maybe.

Besides, they’ll all be awake and asleep whenever you are, giving you a higher chance of eliciting a response!

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2. Nothing to do/no plans for the weekend

Team Solution: With a huge team, there’s BOUND to be something going on any given weekend.

Whether it’s a chill movie night or going out, there’s never “nothing to do.”

Post in the Facebook group that you wanna hang out and there’s bound to be someone or a group of someones who are down!

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3. Having no one to hold hands with

Team Solution: Hold your hand in a fist, like you have something in it.

Go up to a teammate during a break at practice and ask if they can hold something for you.

When he/she says, “Sure,” and extends his/her hand out, open your fist slowly as if you are transferring whatever was in there into his/her palm, then lace your fingers with theirs.

Hold on as long as possible until it starts getting weird, which it won’t.

Unless it does.

4. Cutesy PDA

Team Solution: Yo, PDA is never cute, so if you’re taken and reading this, can you not make out in front of us while at practice?

As much as you think it’s endearing, it’s… not. Thanks. And like cutesy, “Stop it! No you stop it! Omg babe STOPPPP!” tickle fights and stuff at practice?

Maybe you should, “Omg babe STOPPPP” and take a look around because you’re never in formation and IT SHOWS IN THE VIDEOS.

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